Thursday, August 26, 2010

Colourful Kids and a new quilt top

We are doing some minor renovations at our house at the moment. My very handy hubby built us a deck and now we are about to add some lovely big windows and french doors kindly given to us by our very generous neighbours who are doing a major reno. What does this have to do with colourful kids you ask?..........well, I decided we that we wont be needing our back wall for too much longer and painting on paper is just not as much fun......they had a ball and couldn't believe their luck when I suggested that they paint on the wall.



And because it is pink it has to be Rosa's

And lastly, a baby boy quilt top was sent to the quilters today.


  1. How Funny, Charlie is being responsible and clean in his undies, Harvey has major mission in his eyes to create a masterpiece, and Rosa looks like a hippy just going with the flow of pink paint ... are you serious mum, can we really really paint on the wall. Coooooool ... they must of had a blast, look what we did today daddy !

  2. Karlyn is looks like they had SO much fun painting the wall! LOL Love the look of the baby boy quilt...a gorgeous mix of fabrics!

  3. LOVE that first pic of Rosebud. Cutie with her wild hair. What fun they must have had. BEAUTIFUL quilt-who's the lucky boy?

  4. Very cute! Looks like they all had a ball... here's hoping they realise it's a one-off. The quilt top is gorgeous too, look forward to seeing it finished