Wednesday, November 30, 2011

$5 lightshade

A little while ago I found this rather tacky light shade in Vinnies for $5. The old dear who sold it to me was admiring it telling me how lovely it was with all the lace and trims. I just smiled and agreed, I didn't want to tell her I was planning to rip the dusty, musty peach fabric off it as soon as I got home.

I may spray paint it aqua or yellow and add a larger bulb but at the moment I think it looks just fine. 

Hope you have all had a happy week end, we certainly have. 

Plate wall revealed

Those of you who follow my flea market finds will know that I have had a plate wall on the agenda for quite some time, well it's not yet finished but is up and running at least.  I plan to add a few and swap a few around but for now I'm quite taken with my little collection of plates. 

I must also apologise for my bloggy absence, what a shocker I'm having, can't seem to find my crafty and blogging's creeping back slowly so watch this space.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I cruised past Vinnies a week or two ago and could not get a park, I always just keep driving and try again next time, lucky I did as the next day I spotted these Bentwood chairs that were apparently delivered on closing time the night before. I was about to purchase new Bentwood chairs in white but at $365 each I figured these $20 ones will do just fine. I wont need to get all stressed when the kids knock them over and scratch them as I know they will. Now, all I needed to do was find 4 more and give them a lick of white paint.

Then, my good friend and I happened across these beauties at this wonderful place. They had 6 for $400, I offered him $350 (plus their standard 20%) and walked out one happy chappy. Some new shots of my new dining room to come soon.

 This little wooden box wasn't a flea market find as such but I did find it in our shed. The kiwi in the family likes in on display even if it is in the bathroom. I teamed it with some glass jars found at oppys and garage sales.

These little vintage books were found in Wagga last school holidays. They are lovely and the kids love them.

Some retro canisters for the kitchen cupboard were found at a garage sale for $5. Loving those colours, a bit different to all the brights you usually see.

And some Fowler jars for $1 each....gotta love that. 

As always linking up with Sophie.

Have a happy start to the week everyone!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Birthday little man

You want your name changed to Harvey J because that's what your teacher calls you.
Your favourite things are riding your scooter, Pokemon and Lego.
You don't stop all day until your head hits the pillow, you are a busy little man with a MASSIVE personality and that's just the way we love you......Happy Day Harvey J.