Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Give Away - It's about time too

Finally after two and half years of blogging I thought it about time to have a little give away. I've pondered the idea many times but always wondered what to actually give away, I mean most people who read my blog are crafty and can make what ever they want for themselves. BUT someone may just want a gift made by me.

So if you would like to win one of my vintage sheet wrap skirts for your girly girl OR a pair of super cute vintage boardies for your little man then just leave a comment letting me know which one takes your fancy. Open to all (internationals too) and I'll announce a winner next Friday 10th Feb.

 PS. Fabrics may differ from pics and I can make any size up to 10 for the shorts and 3-10 for the skirt. The larger sizes for the girls sit just below the knee.

Good Luck!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Flea Market Finds

A few finds from Christmas and the oppies in Wagga.

Some bark cloth kitchen curtains in perfect condition.

A pewter owl incense burner I gave to my sister for Christmas, love this little guy.

Some art glass I gave to my other sis for her growing collection.

Some pretty hand painted china plates and silver ware. These plates were a steal for 20c each.

And this gorgeous old sewing box gifted to me by my big sis. It was filled with all sorts of coloured vintage threads and British snaps and the sweetest cross stitch pin cushion. 

For more finds pop over to Sophies for a wee look.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vintage drawer = crafty storage

If there is ever a need for a quick crafty fix then this takes the cake. I found this old drawer in my Grandma's shed months ago, I had planned to use it as a kitchen tray but could not find the room for a bulky drawer in my sleek new kitchen.

My sewing room is so cluttered and certainly does not need any extra bits of furniture but I thought if I could get it off the desk and on the wall then my use for this little piece of pretty would be solved.

Some adhesive spray and a fave piece of sheeting did the trick. Within 5 minutes I had this cute storage wall tray ready to hang................................. now I just have to convince the mister to drill a hole in these old walls.

What you make when you need a crafty fix and only have five to spare?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sheet Shorts

Finally something for the boy, I am always on the lookout for cool boys sheets in the oppys, sadly they are very few and far between. I used the three that I had and they match perfectly together. Not sure how long they will last as my boys are very rough on their cloths and used cotton sheeting is not the most durable but if we get through the summer then I'm happy.

These three fabrics along with others I hope to find will go into a boys vintage quilt one day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chevron from the Bee

Quilting Bees!!! something I had never heard of before I started my little blog. I quickly became intrigued and through a friend I landed in this fabulous bee of lovely ladies. I still have not stitched my blocks together from last years efforts but this year I am really motivated.   It's something for me, I popped along to Cloth in Surry Hills, their drool worthy fabrics are to die for and I had to come home with the heaviest bag of hand printed linen. (I tried to justify the $45m price tag with the fact that most of my other fabrics at the moment come from Vinnies) certainly made me feel a little better anyway.

The Beehive ladies have done a superb job of sewing a strip each for me. I am still waiting on a couple and a few to make myself then I'm ready to start sewing this baby together. 

I cannot take the credit for the pattern, I spotted in on this amazing blog.  Siobhan is so talented and very prolific, go take a peek! 

You like?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's a Wrap

The vintage sheet stash is getting way out of control, so much so that sewing in my craft room has ceased. At least until I can get in there and have a good old tidy up.

 I took a few sheets to mum's for our  week in Wagga, a trip to mum's is never complete without a spot of sewing. I cut a pattern from an existing store bought skirt of Rosa's and chose 4 fabrics that would compliment each other. 

I don't think it matters what colours you choose they always seem to mesh together beautifully.

Do you find it hard to leave vintage sheets on the shelf when you are op shopping?

Monday, January 9, 2012

What I like

I mentioned once or twice that my family and I decided to buy thrifted gifts for each other this past Christmas. Well I'm pleased to say that my loved ones know exactly what I like. Anything milk glass, aqua, white, vintage are all on the list of things I love. I'm glad they know me so well. 

Milk glass from my BF and doily coasters from my mum.

The tulip linen table runner is stunning and from my mum. The juicer is a little pressie I bought for me, how could I resist for only $5.

These special Poole pieces were from my Grandma's house and gifted to me from mum.

The mini cassette suitcase also from Gran's and the milkglass goblets which I think might just be my favourite are from my brother sourced by my sister as my bro left it way too late to start thrifting in late December.

Paul received this piece of industrial goodness from my mum, also found at Grandma's. It's filled with all the original medical bits. So, so cool don't you think?

And last but certainly not least some vintage pyrex from Lea. 

More thrifted Christmas lovelies next week but in the meantime pop over to Sophies to see some more.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Painting the New Year away

So, you would think one should start the new year with relaxation, quality time with kids and some precious family holiday moments...but no! what did the husband and I decide to do come this new year?......Paint ceilings that's what. We have had an exhausting 4 days without children to restore and paint 4 pressed metal ceilings in our old home. 

Each morning I was finding more and more paint lying on the floor in the boys room, the ceilings were a little worse for wear and needed some urgent attention.

We found lots of these, those of you with boys will recognise them as magnetix. A favourite pastime of the boys when they were supposed to be sleeping. Magic! they stick to the ceiling.  

We stripped for six hours and decided we only had 5 days not 5 weeks. So we peeled back only the bad bits.

Each ceiling has it's own unique pattern and they are just beautiful.

It's been exhausting but rewarding and well worth the $1000's of dollars we have saved, my only gripe would be this little paint sperm found on my blind a little too late to wipe off (it wasn't me). I guess we'll have to live with him.

On another note, what I should be saying is Happy New Year and telling you of my resolutions, something along the lines of spend more quality time with the kids, go to bed earlier and make the most of each morning, drink less wine and exercise more, sew more and perhaps even make a little money given that I will have 3 child free days this year and lastly s-l-o-w down..........well these are my resolutions and I hope to stick to them.

The other thing I must say is a huge thank you to YOU........... all my lovely readers and followers, your thoughts and comments really do mean so much to me and I hope to blog a whole lot more this year too.

Tomorrow we are off to meet the kids in Wagga and spend some time swimming, BBQing with special friends and some quality family time just hanging and keeping things slow and simple.