Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marly Martha

My little business took a turn for the better last week. You see only a week ago I decided I should start getting myself out there and hold my first ever stall at our school spring fair.

 I had a few quilts and tops on hand but a LOT of sewing had to be done in just 6 days.

 My gorgeous and clever friend Shauna helped me with my business cards with only 4 days notice. I started a Facebook page, enlisted the Mr to sew a bit of bunting, a few button holes and basically take care of the goings on around here. I slept little and neglected the house work and the children just a tad but I did it, I pulled it off.  I met lots of lovely people and even let a few people I already do know find out a little about what makes me tick and whats grabbing my attention at the moment.

I'll be listing some items in my madeit store this week and keeping a constant log of what I'm doing on Facebook, do hop over and like me if you feel like it.



 And you all thought I'd vanished didn't you?

Happy Spring All xx

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Perfect NZ

It's not just about the skiing, of course there's the fabulous slopes of Cardrona but this special, annual holiday of ours is about much, much more.

Rosa's second year on skis

The boys in blue

On top of the world

Soaking up the sun

Hide and seek

The famous Arrowtown lolly shop

Doing the tourist thing, the Luge is always a hit

Lots of exploring

The view

Making potions with what was on hand. Mostly sugar and dirt...yum!

Feeding the local horses, meet Cookie! definitely a daily favourite.

All the families together in front of the hotel. We try for this shot every will never be perfect but we love it just the way it is.

Always outdoor creating and climbing

Forming new friendships

Beautiful Lake Wanaka.

Always trying for that perfect family shot. Maybe next year!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting back

Gosh! where do I start? where DO you start when you haven't blogged for this long. It's been almost two months between drinks and I must say I have found it awfully hard to get back into. 

It may be the fact that I have just lost interest in blogging, I've still been reading a few blogs but have not felt interested in blogging about myself or show off what I have been making or doing.

 It may be because things around here have been a little flat, Paul was made redundant  way back in January and and is still trying to find his way back into the workforce. It has been a tad stressful to say the least but I am constantly reminding him/me of the things to be really grateful for.

 It may be that I have been enjoying that extra time normally spent on the computer, I'm finding more time to spend with the kids, I'm more organised and certainly being more creative. 

What ever the reason, things have been happening, the sewing machine has been getting a workout, I'm enjoying late nights sewing and I even started a little label and popped a few things in a Sydney store.

It feels good to be back.......