Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vintage Birthday - Flea Market Finds

Those who know me well know my love for vintage goodness, be it from the local oppie or  the slightly more expensive antique store or gift shop. So when these beauties were unwrapped on my birthday this month, lets just say I was a tad excited. 

The perfect addition to my milk glass collection, this cake stand matches my fruit stand and now I have these 4 little dessert bowls to go with. Thanks Ma! 

A lovely vintage glass jar for preserving fruit. I think my use to store my clay tags is much prettier don't you think?  Thanks Jules and Sara!

And some ever so handy vintage fats from my BF's stash. Thanks Lea!

Am I a lucky girl or what? pop on over to Sophie's to see some more vintage finds.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Queensland Clutch

This clutch would not be everyone's cup of tea but I just love the simple pattern in the Meet Me At Mikes first book. A great way to use up all of those op shopped tea towels you have in your stash. This one was added to my swap partners package and being a Queensland gal I thought it perfect. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lakota's Flea Market Swap

The lovely Lakota organised a Flea Market swap recently and matched me with the very clever and generous Nelly.

Look at the cute dragon scarves she knitted for the boys, even a warning from mum not to loose them at school didn't stop them from racing out the door with them on, perfect timing last week for Sydney's dreadful rainy weather.  Harvey is such a blue boy and Charlie always goes for red so there were no fights in deciding who gets what. The boys were also treated to spiderman cards and mini tape measures which they loved and whisked away before I could photograph.

Mine is so soft and such a beautiful colour, Nelly even added little pearls in the detachable flowers.

Rosa really scored here, Holly Hobbie all round, the vintage wrapping papers are divine. 

A quirky scrabble ring and some yarn and needles, she even cast on for me so I could practise my knitting.

A lovely milk glass dish for my collection, perfect for soap in the bathroom. Also the sweetest zip flowers as hair clips and brooches. Love the little vintage pink button.

The fabric lover in me found this my favourite of all the gifts, it's like a barkcloth and has the most sweetest print. I could look at this piece for ages.......any hints on what to make???

Rosa modelling her hair clip and scarf. The scarf is so tiny and sweet with big detachable flowers. She adores it. 

Thanks Nelly, you really spoilt us. I hope you love yours as much as we do.

Once again linking up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sherbet Pips Quilt

I've finally put my Sherbet Pips to good use, One of my old school friends had a bubba girl earlier this year, she is the sweetest little girl named Milla Poppy and her Mumma assures me that they love it. 

I threw in a few extras from spotlight and some honeycomb kei as well. My new favourite way of quilting is just wonky lines doubled up on each seam. I've made this pattern many times and always used straight lines either side of the seam but the wonky method is far more effective. 

The weather in Sydney has been atrocious so my pics are not the greatest. I've had to enhance them a little, the red really isn't that bright. 


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I'm very late linking up with Sophie this week, with the kids going back to school, hubby overseas and a birthday thrown in it had me a little busy. I had a great little country Victoria jaunt with my BF in the holidays (more on that later) and found lots of thrifty goods.

A doona cover for Harvey for $4.

One for Rosa (because she needs 4 doona covers) for $4 

Some lolly like buttons which almost look good enough to eat, $2.

A huge stack of vintage linens and pretty fabric, some green Holly Hobby thrown in there as well.
Not to mention the cutest retro stool for $5. I'll be covering this one day soon I hope.

I adore this cake stand, we found it at an little antique shop in Shepperton, the guy gave it to me for for $15 and kept trying to throw in little bits and pieces for free, all of which I did not want but he was quite funny. My friend thought he was drunk and I just thought he reeked of cigarettes and dogs.  He said we were way too pretty to be mum's (like mum's can't be pretty, no?) and just assumed that because we were female we must have been nurses, we giggled our way out of there......................he seriously must have had his beer goggles on because we were by no means looking gorgeous....(sorry Lea). I asked him for a few freebies that we actually liked and he obliged.  I will definitely be heading back there next time I'm in the area. The best thing about this cake stand is that my dome top fits perfectly and now has a mate as my last stand broke.

He also sold me this piece of Brazilian porcelain which is my favourite find of the holidays. It was $45 but said I could have it for $25.....bargain!

Hoping you have all found some fabulous things over the school holidays too.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Flea Market Finds

This week I didn't visit many op shops but the ones I did proved to be fruitful. I'm not showing all I found this week as I'm still catching up on some oldies but still worthy of a mention. This glass jar was only $2 and is filling quickly with all my oppy zips.  A pyrex tea pot for $2 as well, I love this and it goes with my coffee one from a few weeks back.

I thought all my Christmases had come at once when I spotted this nest of Pyrex at Vinnie's a couple of days ago. It matches a cute little number I found for my friend on my last country jaunt. $10 for the lot, I've paid $12 for one of the larger size before...

And this, you'll either love it or hate it. I'm not even a fan of cats but the colours got me and just wait to see what I do with him. I have already unpicked the daggy brown velour backing.

And a simple turned wooden bowl for my jewellery on my bedroom mantle $2, couldn't pass it up.

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