Friday, April 29, 2011

one makes two

My sister picked up this vintage pillow slip on one of her op shop visits  and thought I would like it.  I liked it so much I wanted two.

I simply unpicked it, added some white quilt sheeting which I always have on hand. A quick sew and overlock around the edges and.......

Voila...... two brand new vintage pillow slips which go beautifully with my white and charcoal in the bedroom.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The white debate.

The back renovation is moving along quite nicely, we got some painting done over the last couple of days and oh what a task it is choosing white. I have had samples on the walls for a week, too scared to jump into it.....will it be too cold?....will it be too yellow?. We finally opted for Dulux Antique White USA.   A popular choice by many, or so google tells me.  After finishing the first coat at 1130pm last night, we decided we made the wrong choice.  I have been texting friends and messaging fellow bloggers to find the perfect white. What's your favourite white?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vintage Fats

This pile of vintage floral is heading here

I cannot wait to see what I receive in return. I'll be sure to show you soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bunny tree

My lovely friend Vicky gave me the best goody bag when we caught up the other day. I just love my clay bunnies, they are perfect for pressies but I reckon they are twitching for a homemade bunny tree.

I especially love the blue lace bunny. They are not going on pressies, I'm keeping them all to my self.

I hope you all have a really special and safe Easter.

Monday, April 11, 2011

White and floral

It seems all things white and floral are catching my eye at the moment. Most of you know my love for milk glass, not sure if these tiny cups are milk glass but they are white, small and French. Perfect for Rosa's tea parties. $6 for the six piece set.

One very lovely piece of hobnail milk glass. I paid $18 dollars for this and it's only 6 inches tall but I just had to have it. It seems all the op shops near me know what is of semi value and whack the price up.

I have been collecting old mix master bowls at different trips lately and these ones fit beautifully together. They are great for baking and salad bowls. I love how shiny and white they are. I'm on the lookout for one slightly larger than the smallest one, then I'm done.

It was also my lucky week end for vintage sheets, these two are brand new and so pretty, I love the blues in this one. Perfect for the Vintage Sheet Swap over at this sweet blog.

There are lots of weekend finds over at Sophie's, take a look.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


 A couple of cushions I made this week. I love the sunny yellow and grey birds. I  bought the fabric from here. They are stuffed with feather inserts which makes them so puffy and squishy and wont flatten like cheaper inserts.

 We are currently renovating the back of our home. We are doing it ourselves so at times it does seem to take forever but so rewarding not to mention saving $$$. It leaves me with less guilt when I want to buy beautiful fabric like this.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I was a tad excited when I spotted this Parker chair right up the back in the furniture section of Vinnies on Friday. I was so happy with my new $25 chair that I even went back on Saturday just in case it was part of a set and I missed the others.......wishful thinking! This chair matches my dining table so well, even if I could just find one more, one for each end of the table I'd be a very happy girl indeed. Where are his 5 friends from the 70's I ask???

This table cloth is the perfect length for my table too. $15

One little retro coffee canister for storage in my sewing room. $3

And one perfect sunny vintage table cloth, it's linen and in new condition. $5

I found lots a kitchen goodies too, will have to save those for another week. Pop on over to Sophies for some more Flea Market goodness.