Thursday, August 19, 2010

A very lucky find

So I got a text from my sister in Wagga today asking if I had given to Vinnies the little pink knitted cardi that mum made for her daughter 16 years ago. "No! I have it here" I said.

"OMG" she says "I have just bought one in Vinnies for $2 and it even has the same rose buttons that mum used, I was sure it must have been the same one".

Hmmmmmm I thought this was too much of a coincidence.......I immediately checked Rosa's wardrobe and it was not there. It had me thinking when she last wore it. It was in Wagga in May for her Christening. I had obviously left it at the church and after a few months they gave it to charity. My sister rarely visits this Vinnies and there must be around ten op shops in Wagga. It obviously was meant to be.

Well it's nice to have it back in the family, even if we didn't know it wasn't.......and here she was thinking I was a big cow for carelessly donating it to vinnies........oooops!


  1. Wow! What a crazy story.
    The cardi is gorgeous but that little Rosa is just the cutest. Love that little smile.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Awwww - thats such a cute story, luckily it never got to another little girls wardrobe, imagine if it had been spotted in the streets of Wagga being worn by someone elses little girl !

  3. What an amazing story!! That's so lucky your sister happened to sot it - definitely meant to be. Rosa looks so adorable in it :)

  4. How lucky was that! The cardigan was always meant to be in your family and it looks so sweet on Rosa.:)

  5. What a beautiful jacket and somehow that story just makes the jacket seem more amazing!