Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have been busy bee hiving this week and last. This one is for Katrina in Canada, using the Amy Butler Love fabrics, a little challenging but I'm happy with the result. I did loose a couple of the points and had to unpick a couple of times. I'm sure it will sew up beautifully with all the others. It is 16.5".

And this is Tanya's block for April. It was based on a circular theme 12.5 " . I love her colour choices, all blocks are quite different so should look really good made up.
This one was much harder than it looks. I'm really not a fan of sewing circles.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Worldly Bunting

While I was in Wagga over Easter I raided my Grandmother's book shelf. I was after an old atlas, she had a beautiful old one with no cover and it was falling apart at the seams. I was hoping it wasn't too sentimental as I wanted to chop it up. The fact that it was in bad condition made it a lot easier to cut up. I love the deep green and orange colours it had. Most atlases I had seen were soft blues and brown and that wouldn't suit the boy's room.

I made paper bunting which I had seen and loved over here. Kelly Doust has some gorgeous paper made things on her blog.

I'm loving how well it goes with the coloured glass windows.

Hint: I used a double layer of paper for extra thickness so they wouldn't curl, sewed them on the machine and used wide bias binding to join them.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lu Lu's birthday top

Happy Birthday Lu Lu Belle.

I finally got got around to making this little top for her first birthday which was in Feb. I used Amy Butler fabrics and the pattern from the Little Stitches book. It is a really sweet pattern and can be worn as a top or short dress.

I especially love the little clear pink rose button on the back. This pattern was certainly a little trickier than the blossom blouse but worth all work.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sew Liberated

Over Easter my BF gave me this beautiful book.

It's pages are filled with super cute crafty patterns including this little "Blossom Blouse"

Now those who know me well will know that I'm not the fastest sewer and I'm certainly no seamstress but this was easy peasy and took around an hour to whip up.

It's written by Meg McElwee and thanks Lea for being so thoughtful, I'm hoping you have found that (fawn) thread and finished Lucia's already.....

Ellie's Birdie Quilt

As much as I'd love to I can't take the credit for this little beauty. It's my sister Adrienne's creation, she made it for her eight year old daughter Ellie. I simply took it to the quilter and added the binding. She has done such a beautiful job and Ellie adores it.........Maybe Rosa can borrow it when her big cousin grows out of it.