Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kids Creating

Yesterday I recieved the loveliest stash of fabrics from sister in Wagga. One of the fabric shops there had ALL fabrics for $10 a metre. I asked her to pick a bunch of what she thinks I might like. Well I must say I love all of them and wish I could have been there to buy more....or is that just being greedy?

Rosa thought they were pretty special too, in no time she had dolly covered in the whole lot ready for a sleep on the office floor.

A little bit of indoor painting was on the agenda last week. Rosa was supposed to be sleeping but heard Harvey and I setting up, she can now jump the cot so there was no stopping her. I figured I could duck away for a bit of blogging (as you do!)

Only to return to find this. Two little green monsters. Maybe I should have also taken a photo of the green bath that Harvey desperately wanted to save to show Charlie.

Harvey found this little nest which had fallen on the ground at his pre school, he was so excited to bring it home and tell his big brother. They skipped afternoon tea and went straight outside to find whatever they could to tie it onto the tree. Materials used were sticky tape, twine, sticks, rubber tire strips and long grass. They are hoping a bird will discover it and lay some eggs in there. I think I might have to put some chocolate eggs in there, I'm sure that would be almost as exciting!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One boy quilt almost done

This is Charlie's quilt just about finished. I just have a couple of rows to add and I'm done. I was worried for a while that it looked a bit girly and anyone who knows me well will know I'm not into all the brights but Charlie likes the fabrics and the colours so I guess that's what really counts...right?

I love all of the individual fabrics I just hope they mesh well together. I'm going to bind it in the Amy Butler Lotus dots with white backing. I'm dying to get stuck into Harvey's, even though some of his fabrics are the same, I'm hoping it will look entirely different.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wandering Door Stop

In between cutting and sewing squares for my boys quilt this week I made a doorstop for my forever slamming door. The pattern is from the Kelly Doust, Crafty Minx book and I used some left over Anna Maria Horner fabric. When I asked the hubby if he liked it, his simple but honest reply was "you know how long that is going to last before one the the kids pick it up by the handle and throw it off the back deck"...............well I'm happy to report that that hasn't happened BUT I'm forever finding it around the house...........I wonder who the culprit is??

Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's been ages since I've posted a SS. Mainly because there is not a lot of worthy pieces left in my stash.....time to start shopping! Here is a pile of pieces ready to cut into a quilt for Harvey. A bit of Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Prints Charming and some plain cotton as well. It's going to be very simple and quick to make. Hopefully I'll knock it up this week after I have finished charlies.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Reading 1M

Charlie started year 1 last week and his teacher who is a friend of mine asked me to cover some cushions for their class reading corner. Their classroom is a brand new demountable so she has to decorate from scratch. I had bought this colourful fabric from Ikea a couple of months ago just because I liked it. Their fabric is cheap n cheerful and great for kids furnishings as they are really thick and durable.

I snuck them into the classroom this afternoon while she was out. Hopefully they will be a nice surprise in the morning.