Sunday, August 15, 2010

Question for the Hexy Ladies

While getting stuck into some hexagons this week end it had me thinking..........what size template should I use??? I used to cut my fabric two sizes up and have now advanced (if you can call it that) to one, however by the time I get around to my last edge I find it's a very tight squeeze. Maybe with lots of practise I will get it just right. How many sizes do you go up?


  1. I cut big old squares!!
    MUUUUUCH easier!!!

  2. I don't use paper when I do hexagons.

    Get your template...trace it directly onto the fabric with a sharp pencil then cut (by eye) a quarter inch seam,...don't get to hung up about this though.

    Then I hand piece using my pencil markings. Doing it this way gives you better accuracy at the points and matching seams and also gets away by having to pull out the papers.