Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting back

Gosh! where do I start? where DO you start when you haven't blogged for this long. It's been almost two months between drinks and I must say I have found it awfully hard to get back into. 

It may be the fact that I have just lost interest in blogging, I've still been reading a few blogs but have not felt interested in blogging about myself or show off what I have been making or doing.

 It may be because things around here have been a little flat, Paul was made redundant  way back in January and and is still trying to find his way back into the workforce. It has been a tad stressful to say the least but I am constantly reminding him/me of the things to be really grateful for.

 It may be that I have been enjoying that extra time normally spent on the computer, I'm finding more time to spend with the kids, I'm more organised and certainly being more creative. 

What ever the reason, things have been happening, the sewing machine has been getting a workout, I'm enjoying late nights sewing and I even started a little label and popped a few things in a Sydney store.

It feels good to be back.......