Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So the month has almost past and what a whirl wind of a December it was.  We have enjoyed the best kind of Christmas, simple with lots of family and friends, yummy food, some good laughs and even some sleep ins.

Some snippets of our pretty perfect Christmas and the lead up to the big day.


Where ever you are I hope you are enjoying extra special time with your loved ones.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

tea towels, holly and special friends.

One of my loveliest friends dropped in yesterday, I few weeks back I gave her this thrifted Irish linen tea towel  rolled up in a Fowler jar, she kept the jar and handed the tea towel back to me saying that it was way too nice to dry dishes a pillow it was to become, the green zip is in the spirit of Christmas and the orange backing was fabric I had on hand.

And look what the naughty girl gave me, I swear she never visits empty handed. The cutest Holly bush with bright red faux berries. I hear it's very hard to find budding holly in the southern hemisphere at Christmas.

Another special friend dropped in just when I popped the kettle on. She gifted me a magnificent stack of this. I'm only sorry I didn't take a pic before we ripped the cellophane off and devoured it with our cuppa tea. You really need to make these brownies, divine I tell you.

Thanks girls xxx

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Lots of treasures found lately at the oppies and this is only half of it. My siblings and I decided last Christmas that we would only shop second hand for gifts this year and it's been so much fun, forever on the lookout for that perfect gift. 

Of course I cannot go past a few lovelies for me. These table cloths are in beautiful condition and I just love that yellow rose.

Some sweet milk glass and the most perfect little brass owls. 

Some Scandinavian style china and even a spare plate for my wall. Love this!

Two vintage Mikasa dinner plates and of course one small one for my wall.

And this perfect glass ball just made for a candle, oh so pretty.

As always linking up with Sophie, you'll just have to wait till after Christmas to see the rest.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Out with the old

In January this year Paul and I embarked on some pretty major renos for our lovely old house. 

Ceilings were pulled down......

nb. hubby's arms are really not that brown, there was 110 years of dust that came down not to mention an old, dead, squashed rat among other things....eeew!

Bats were laid, Gyprock was installed...

Note to self: never do this again, it was just plain stressful getting these massive sheets above your head and onto the ceiling without snapping them. We did hire a great hoisting device and the help of our friendly neighbour but at times I wished we had got the professionals in. Having said that, we are really happy with the end result. 

L.E.D down lights were installed. 

By July this year we found a kitchen designer who I won't name because I would not use them again but that's a whole other story.

 We were thrilled with the design and it was time to start the demolition and get the floors ready. Secretly I think this was Paul's favourite part. For weeks he nagged me to let him take the sink away, but I feared being without one for too long so I kept saying "just a bit longer, just a bit longer"

 As the old fire place was knocked out I couldn't help but think of all the meals that were created here back in the early 1900's. We had taken the old pot belly stove out years ago to make room for shelving but the big brick chimney was still there. See the charred wall in the background.

The old floor was ripped up and sold on ebay for a grand price of $50.

The old back door was bricked in not once but twice by Mr perfectionist Paul. The first one had a slight bow effect, not good when you need to line cupboards up against it. 

Then a door way was cut into the old window.

At this point new floors had been laid by professionals. We used spotted gum and I'm so happy with it.

The long awaited kitchen goes in.

 I won't sugar coat it and I wont pretend it was easy washing up in the bath tub for 3 months. We had more problems than you would ever believe...seriously! all of which were from the kitchen company and suppliers. 

BUT.............. the outcome has been well worth the sweat, occaisonal tears and way too much swearing. 

In with the new.........

Needless to say I am one very lucky and very happy chappy.

ps. Now i'm hoping it will make me a better cook.