Monday, August 9, 2010

Bring on Spring

so we can start wearing more of this......

after the Ice Cream Sew Along I have well and truly caught the sewing bug, I have bought a couple more Oliver + S patterns and have muddled my way through some summer clothes for Rosa and friends.

A bit pink Honeycomb Kei was the perfect trim for this sweet Japanese print. This one is for our little two year old friend Lucia.....pattern is the Ice Cream Dress view C with added band.

There was certainly a lot of this going on while adding the piping and yoke to this Oliver + S Play Date dress. I got there in the end and was really pleased with the result. I have shortened the sleeves in this one but plan to make more with longer sleeves.

And this is the Blossom Blouse from the Sew Liberated book, I need to make one more before I send them off to some baby twins who are already just about old enough to fit them.....

I am getting faster, and finding reading patterns easier but I still have a long way to go. At least I'm enjoying the process I guess....


  1. Love what you have done! looks like someone is going to have a beautiful new wardrobe to wear.

  2. Lovely - aren't hand-made gifts the best :)

  3. oh you are getting so clever. I can't wait to see Rosebud wearing them and Lulu wearing them next. Hand me down love:)

    LOVE the fabrics in Lucia's top.

  4. Why oh why won't my boys get into cross dressing? Those dresses are beautiful!

  5. dont forget big cousin ellie when you are being creative. they look great keep up the good work!

  6. They all look fabulous! What lucky girls! Like you, my head's in summer: I'm reluctant to do any more winter sewing - have too many summer things I want to try!