Monday, May 21, 2012

Flea Market Finds

Not much op shopping going on here of late, I did find this milk glass stand to match another smaller one I have. I must photograph all of my milk glass collection,  the white pieces look great clustered together.

A large Raynham vase in the perfect shade of grey and not a chip in sight.

And I couldn't not show you these, a gift from the lovely Kylie. I have already decided that the two square doilies will make perfect pockets on a top for Rosa. 

Hope you have been having more thrifting luck than me. Linking up with Sophie.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bamboo Boys Quilt

So refreshing it has been working on something of the boy kind.

When you think of vintage sheeting you naturally think of floral and boy do I have some great florals. However, lately I have been lucky enough to spot the odd boys print and as different as they all are they really do mesh together beautifully.

The bamboo is my favourite, I wish I could have found more than just one double flat. It makes for a perfect backing don't you think?

This one is made up of 6.5 inch squares and it was so lovely and soft to sew I actually made two at once. 

It's nice to be back blogging and sewing again, I have sooooo much to sew you would not believe, It must be the cold snap in the weather...I'm in the mood.