Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vintage drawer = crafty storage

If there is ever a need for a quick crafty fix then this takes the cake. I found this old drawer in my Grandma's shed months ago, I had planned to use it as a kitchen tray but could not find the room for a bulky drawer in my sleek new kitchen.

My sewing room is so cluttered and certainly does not need any extra bits of furniture but I thought if I could get it off the desk and on the wall then my use for this little piece of pretty would be solved.

Some adhesive spray and a fave piece of sheeting did the trick. Within 5 minutes I had this cute storage wall tray ready to hang................................. now I just have to convince the mister to drill a hole in these old walls.

What you make when you need a crafty fix and only have five to spare?


  1. It looks gorgeous Karlyn. Love the green drawer front. Probably my favourite green.

  2. Oh it looks fabulous. Love the paper you used and positively drooling over the stack of fabric beside it

  3. Love how this turned out. Imagine a big grouping of them on the wall. x

  4. oh looks cute, your favourite fabric and i love the little blue vase in your dispaly. noice.

  5. absolutely gorgeous idea and loving the stash of vintage sheets next to it too!