Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chevron from the Bee

Quilting Bees!!! something I had never heard of before I started my little blog. I quickly became intrigued and through a friend I landed in this fabulous bee of lovely ladies. I still have not stitched my blocks together from last years efforts but this year I am really motivated.   It's something for me, I popped along to Cloth in Surry Hills, their drool worthy fabrics are to die for and I had to come home with the heaviest bag of hand printed linen. (I tried to justify the $45m price tag with the fact that most of my other fabrics at the moment come from Vinnies) certainly made me feel a little better anyway.

The Beehive ladies have done a superb job of sewing a strip each for me. I am still waiting on a couple and a few to make myself then I'm ready to start sewing this baby together. 

I cannot take the credit for the pattern, I spotted in on this amazing blog.  Siobhan is so talented and very prolific, go take a peek! 

You like?


  1. Thanks Karlyn, the colours are looking fantastic. Love the spots! Fantastic idea doing strips in a Bee. Xx

  2. Yes it's looking great. The chevron pattern is sweet, and love the yellow,grey, black and white colour scheme. x

  3. goodness, it is ecclectic, which serves as a HUGE compliment, by the way...
    i am curious for its progress, yeah?

  4. Looks amazing Karlyn!
    So proud to be a part of it and just a bit sad that we're finishing up

  5. Lovely fabrics! Gorgeous patterns and colours. Sounds like a fun project x

  6. I love this quilt! Chevrons and yellow and gray! Three of my favourite things. :)

  7. yes! YES! i absolutely ADORE that fabric!...just gorgeous!


  8. Isn't cloth fabulous! Have quite a few largish scraps in my stash as can't quite justify the off-the-roll price.