Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's a Wrap

The vintage sheet stash is getting way out of control, so much so that sewing in my craft room has ceased. At least until I can get in there and have a good old tidy up.

 I took a few sheets to mum's for our  week in Wagga, a trip to mum's is never complete without a spot of sewing. I cut a pattern from an existing store bought skirt of Rosa's and chose 4 fabrics that would compliment each other. 

I don't think it matters what colours you choose they always seem to mesh together beautifully.

Do you find it hard to leave vintage sheets on the shelf when you are op shopping?


  1. Lots of cuteness going on at your place Karlyn:) I love the skirt and Rosa looks like she loves it too:) xx

  2. gorgeous Rosebud. love the last pic.

  3. Oh yes, but I don't seem to come across many these days...someone always beats me to it.
    Love the skirt you made Karlyn, so much so that I would wear it, and the mixed fabrics compliment each other beautifully :)

  4. So, so pretty and summery. My goodness what an adorable girl you have there with her sun-kissed curls! I was only thinking the other day that my stash was getting a little out of hand too. Might need to do a little girly sewing.

  5. It would look just as lovely on a grown-up too.
    You should sew yourself one Karlyn.

  6. I hadn't found any pretty sheets for weeks, but today I found one, so hopefully its the start of several.
    Love the design and all the colours. x

  7. I love that, and the last photo of Rosa having a gigle is just beautiful, what about some vintage sheet boardies for boys ? Size 4 thanks lol

  8. What a cute skirt and such a lovely style. I find it very hard to resist pretty fabrics too. I always think they could 'be made into something nice one day' :)

  9. It really is the most gorgeous skirt.
    And yes, I most certainly do. This year I'm sewing from the stash though and hope to put a dint in the collection.

  10. Yes! I think the fact that they are becoming so hard to find (at least here anyway) makes me grab them and run to the counter even more!
    Love the wrap skirt and great photos :)

  11. Thanks so much for marble advice recently- has made me even more keen, luckily this is one of the things Legoman and I actually agree on.
    That skirt is beautiful and Rosa is looking like a summery little brown button- very cute.
    And vintage sheets, my stash is huge too- but you do need a certain range of colours to contemplate a quilt- well that's my excuse anyway! melx

  12. This is so gorgeous! What a great idea :) love the mix of fabrics!

    Kel x

    P.s sheet swap is back on if you are keen

  13. This skirt is beautiful! What lovely fabrics and what a delightful pattern! I love it! :) Perfect for twirling.
    I'm now following your lovely blog - please come visit at Just For Daisy! :)