Monday, January 2, 2012

Painting the New Year away

So, you would think one should start the new year with relaxation, quality time with kids and some precious family holiday moments...but no! what did the husband and I decide to do come this new year?......Paint ceilings that's what. We have had an exhausting 4 days without children to restore and paint 4 pressed metal ceilings in our old home. 

Each morning I was finding more and more paint lying on the floor in the boys room, the ceilings were a little worse for wear and needed some urgent attention.

We found lots of these, those of you with boys will recognise them as magnetix. A favourite pastime of the boys when they were supposed to be sleeping. Magic! they stick to the ceiling.  

We stripped for six hours and decided we only had 5 days not 5 weeks. So we peeled back only the bad bits.

Each ceiling has it's own unique pattern and they are just beautiful.

It's been exhausting but rewarding and well worth the $1000's of dollars we have saved, my only gripe would be this little paint sperm found on my blind a little too late to wipe off (it wasn't me). I guess we'll have to live with him.

On another note, what I should be saying is Happy New Year and telling you of my resolutions, something along the lines of spend more quality time with the kids, go to bed earlier and make the most of each morning, drink less wine and exercise more, sew more and perhaps even make a little money given that I will have 3 child free days this year and lastly s-l-o-w down..........well these are my resolutions and I hope to stick to them.

The other thing I must say is a huge thank you to YOU........... all my lovely readers and followers, your thoughts and comments really do mean so much to me and I hope to blog a whole lot more this year too.

Tomorrow we are off to meet the kids in Wagga and spend some time swimming, BBQing with special friends and some quality family time just hanging and keeping things slow and simple.


  1. Wow they're gorgeous! I love how they are all different designs, definitely worth the hard work.

  2. Stunning ceilings!! Happy new year Karlyn...hearing you loud and clwar on the drink less wine resolution ;-)

  3. I love pressed metal ceilings. You will enjoy your hard work for years to come I'm sure!

  4. Happy New Year to you Karlyn! Good golly, what a mammoth task you completed over the last week. Those ceilings are truly stunning. How lucky you are to have such a beautiful feature in your home. Looking forward to more blogging of yours in 2012 x

  5. Such a beautiful ceiling. Well worth all that effort.

  6. Your ceilings look so beautiful Karlyn! Wow!

    Sheree xx
    ps. Happy New Year!!

  7. Karlyn, those ceilings look stunning and well worth the effort in repainting those areas.

    I still can't get over why people rip these out of buildings and replace them with plasterboard...

  8. Firstly happy new year to you and I loved all your family christmas photos. Your gorgeous girl reminds me so much of my Liongirl, she is a cutie.
    Secondly your ceilings are wonderful and you have done a brilliant job. Legoman dreams of a house with pressed metal ceilings, we have ornate plaster which is pretty cool too but like yours needs a tedious makeover. Love your leadlights, in fact perhaps a walk through of your house would be lovely, it looks amazing.
    Thirdly, go have a great rest with your kids and lastly how is the marble bench going? We are considering one for our kitchen and would love to know how careful you have to be with it. Sorry about the lengthy comment, just so much to say. melx

  9. such beautiful ceilings, wow, I bet you have neck ache now, not from the painting, but from looking up all the time to admire your hardwork! happy new year x

  10. oh gosh, the ceilings are divine. Lucky you!
    Beautiful blog you have here x

  11. what a job, but ah, would you look at the result!
    i am loving the magnetix though, can't help it... ;)))