Friday, December 11, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I haven't been sewing much lately, it's one of those weeks where I start something and things get in the way or I run out of black thread and interfacing. Our nearest spotlight is nearly half an hour away and I just can't contemplate taking a pram and two kids in there with all of the crazy's out shopping at Christmas. I'm just going to have to forget about it this week and get over it.

What I did manage to send off last week is this little polka dot swap for Maxine in the UK. She received it yesterday so I can safely blog it. She said she loved it and that we have similar taste so I can't wait to receive mine.........thanks Stacey for hosting the Xmas swap.

For my swap partner I made some rounded spotty Christmas bunting, some button hair ties, covered buttons in my fave fabric, some spotty fats from spotlight, a handmade Prints Charming linen decoration for the tree and an eco friendly shopping bag secretly disguised as a strawberry (ahhh the things people think of??)

And here is one of Harvey's very best creations, it is our whole family standing under the Christmas tree that we just set up. He is spending lots of time drawing at the moment which I just love, he has also done a couple of red fat santas on paper which I hope to do something special with. Don't you just love Rosa down the bottom?

It was Charlie's turn this year to put the star on the tree (or so he tells me).

And Charlie's Christmas concert at school where he proudly donned a hand made tree covering the perfectly cut wide legged green pants I made him and his green k-mart t shirt......why do we stress so much about these outfits???? most of the other kids wore their green school pants and here is me up til midnight the night before stressing about the perfect coloured green to match his beautifully painted tree......


  1. Lovely post Marly! You have been a busy girl. Harvey's drawing is EXCELLENT. Please tell him Aunty Lea thinks it is fantastic! I LOVE your bunting, no doubt your swap buddy was very happy!

  2. What a lucky swap partner! A fantastic package of goodies Karlyn!