Friday, December 18, 2009

What's in this box?

OMG is exactly what I said when I opened this big box of surprises. This is my Polka Dot Christmas Swap from Maxine.

Inside was lots of spotty stuff including pencils, notebook, patty pans, tissue pack, napkins, gorgeous paper chain making kit which I just love and can't wait to make with the kids.....but wait there's more....lots more!

This funky Christmas wreath made with tied fabrics pieces in my fave Chrissy colours. This was perfect because slack old me didn't even have anything on our front door.

How cute are these hand made decorations for the tree, those little gnomes or men are just too sweet! I love them.

Some dotty fabric, stickers and treats for the kids....

And a special gift just for me to open on the 25th..

And last but certainly not least, this gorgeous bunting in red and aqua.

I am one very lucky chickie, thank you Maxine, you certainly have spoilt me and I'm so, so pleased you did.


  1. NO OMG - BIG FAT WOW - I have still go my jaw dropped, so you will be leaving that on the front door when you go on holidays ... mmm might do a drive buy - How clever - I want that more that your florence fabric xx

  2. Wow you were so spolit! What a lovely lot of loot! Polka dot loot that is :)