Monday, November 30, 2009

This and That

This is a dress I started in class and finished last week. The fabric is Amy Butler and Heather Bailey. The sleeves are a bit stiff but have softened in the wash. SO simple and quick to make. Rosa insists on wearing this and everything else with her black patent winter shoes which is so not attractive but you get that!

And that is a dolly quilt for a Christmas present. I have made a few pressies so far but obviously cannot show yet for fear of spoiling a suprise.


  1. Cute dress! Roas looks very pleased and we also have the same problem with winter much so that I threw them out!

    Love the doll quilt x

  2. The dress is adorable and so is your little one.... Well done!

  3. She's so funny - where is the photo with the dress and shoes !

  4. Cute dress on an even cuter kid!! I also love the dolls quilt, beautiful colours. You're a clever mama that's for sure.