Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I'm very late linking up with Sophie this week, with the kids going back to school, hubby overseas and a birthday thrown in it had me a little busy. I had a great little country Victoria jaunt with my BF in the holidays (more on that later) and found lots of thrifty goods.

A doona cover for Harvey for $4.

One for Rosa (because she needs 4 doona covers) for $4 

Some lolly like buttons which almost look good enough to eat, $2.

A huge stack of vintage linens and pretty fabric, some green Holly Hobby thrown in there as well.
Not to mention the cutest retro stool for $5. I'll be covering this one day soon I hope.

I adore this cake stand, we found it at an little antique shop in Shepperton, the guy gave it to me for for $15 and kept trying to throw in little bits and pieces for free, all of which I did not want but he was quite funny. My friend thought he was drunk and I just thought he reeked of cigarettes and dogs.  He said we were way too pretty to be mum's (like mum's can't be pretty, no?) and just assumed that because we were female we must have been nurses, we giggled our way out of there......................he seriously must have had his beer goggles on because we were by no means looking gorgeous....(sorry Lea). I asked him for a few freebies that we actually liked and he obliged.  I will definitely be heading back there next time I'm in the area. The best thing about this cake stand is that my dome top fits perfectly and now has a mate as my last stand broke.

He also sold me this piece of Brazilian porcelain which is my favourite find of the holidays. It was $45 but said I could have it for $25.....bargain!

Hoping you have all found some fabulous things over the school holidays too.


  1. your finds are always soooo delicious! that fabric..yum! loving the cakestand too. love a bargain. happy wednesday!

  2. That fabric is amazing and the buttons super cute!

  3. Oh there you are.I just emailed asking about your non blogging and here you are lol.Sounds like you had fun.Wonder if he will remember you next time?

  4. Happy belated birthday lovely!! Hope you had a nice day. What gorgeous finds - those fabrics are gorgeous and that cake stand is stunning, love it!! x

  5. Gorgeous finds...the buttons and fabrics are amazing and I LOVE Rosa's doona's beautiful.


  6. Love the racing cars!
    And lovely photos of the buttons.

  7. Karlyn you always find the most delicious fabrics, I love Rosa's new doona cover it's so pretty. Sounds like a great holiday for op shop finds and discovering new characters. Happy Birthday for Tuesday. xo

  8. Love the buttons that look good enough to eat,the gorgeous sheets and now we both have stools to makeover. Bet you'll knock yours over first though, it's still pestilence and disease at my place so nothing getting crafted. melx