Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lakota's Flea Market Swap

The lovely Lakota organised a Flea Market swap recently and matched me with the very clever and generous Nelly.

Look at the cute dragon scarves she knitted for the boys, even a warning from mum not to loose them at school didn't stop them from racing out the door with them on, perfect timing last week for Sydney's dreadful rainy weather.  Harvey is such a blue boy and Charlie always goes for red so there were no fights in deciding who gets what. The boys were also treated to spiderman cards and mini tape measures which they loved and whisked away before I could photograph.

Mine is so soft and such a beautiful colour, Nelly even added little pearls in the detachable flowers.

Rosa really scored here, Holly Hobbie all round, the vintage wrapping papers are divine. 

A quirky scrabble ring and some yarn and needles, she even cast on for me so I could practise my knitting.

A lovely milk glass dish for my collection, perfect for soap in the bathroom. Also the sweetest zip flowers as hair clips and brooches. Love the little vintage pink button.

The fabric lover in me found this my favourite of all the gifts, it's like a barkcloth and has the most sweetest print. I could look at this piece for ages.......any hints on what to make???

Rosa modelling her hair clip and scarf. The scarf is so tiny and sweet with big detachable flowers. She adores it. 

Thanks Nelly, you really spoilt us. I hope you love yours as much as we do.

Once again linking up with Sophie's Flea Market Finds.


  1. Oh lovely Nelly! What gorgeous pressies for you and your children Karlyn...just lovely.

  2. How fantastic! I LOVE the zip flowers and the dragon/flower scarves-what a clever thing Nelly is!

  3. Oh they look so cute I am so glad it was enjoyed so much.It really ican be a challenge .I was just so lucky the day I found the HH doll as I found the picture at the next opshop and that was after not seeing any HH ever anywhere before.Oh and I had made a green scarf but My grandson absconded with it so I made the blue one for your lads lucky move that.xxx

  4. What a gorgeous and thoughtful bunch of goodies. Nelly certainly spoilt you. I bet you are very happy indeed. She's chosen so well for you.

  5. What wonderful goodies, especially that GORGEOUS fabric!! Your three are such cute models :)