Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bunny tree

My lovely friend Vicky gave me the best goody bag when we caught up the other day. I just love my clay bunnies, they are perfect for pressies but I reckon they are twitching for a homemade bunny tree.

I especially love the blue lace bunny. They are not going on pressies, I'm keeping them all to my self.

I hope you all have a really special and safe Easter.


  1. Your bunny tree is beautiful. Your friend is very clever and what a sweet gift she gave you. I can understand why you want to keep them for yourself;) xo

  2. Oh they are just adorable!!
    Happy easter to you and your family.

  3. They're lovely!! I love the blue and white ones too.

  4. I wouldn't give them away either......they look too special for that!

  5. Hey Karls Pleased you love your rabbits, hope you have a happy easter !x