Monday, April 11, 2011

White and floral

It seems all things white and floral are catching my eye at the moment. Most of you know my love for milk glass, not sure if these tiny cups are milk glass but they are white, small and French. Perfect for Rosa's tea parties. $6 for the six piece set.

One very lovely piece of hobnail milk glass. I paid $18 dollars for this and it's only 6 inches tall but I just had to have it. It seems all the op shops near me know what is of semi value and whack the price up.

I have been collecting old mix master bowls at different trips lately and these ones fit beautifully together. They are great for baking and salad bowls. I love how shiny and white they are. I'm on the lookout for one slightly larger than the smallest one, then I'm done.

It was also my lucky week end for vintage sheets, these two are brand new and so pretty, I love the blues in this one. Perfect for the Vintage Sheet Swap over at this sweet blog.

There are lots of weekend finds over at Sophie's, take a look.  


  1. Hi Karlyn

    I love your vintage sheets too, especially the pink ones...I haven't come across many in pink.
    I am loving your blog too btw - so much prettiness (and other cool stuff eg that Parker chair!)

  2. oh my i do hope i pick up your sheets in the swap. great stuff marls.

  3. starting to see the same in my area... the semi-value mark up. i just can't bring myself to pay these prices! oh how funny we get once we've op shopped for so long. we just know we can get a better bargin!

    love your blog Karlyn. finding it has been a highlight of my week. your pictures and finds inspire me.

    and very cool to see you've joined my friend kellie's vintage sheet swap. was able to witness the first arrivals in her craft room last week. one ambitious lady sent in 84 FQ!! hope you get some lovely finds in return. :)

  4. I love tea cups and saucers...your set is adorable and perfect for tea parties :)

  5. those sheets are perfect! i do hope i get a bit of both in my parcel! love your blog, thank you for your sweet comment.