Saturday, March 12, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I've been having fun this week ducking into the local oppy here and there
Gotta love this retro ice bucket complete with tongs. I think I'll ditch the tongs and use it as storage in my sewing room.

Yet another piece of milk glass. This one was found when I walked past an alterations shop, my milk glass radar must be on, I mean who ever finds vintage crockery in such a shop.

Three linen tea towels in the best colours, #2 is of big lobsters on a beige background. I'm thinking a few clutch purses might be in order.

Some lovely linens and pretty needle work.

I'm going to try to use these three as yokes for some dresses or tops for Rosa. I love these!

What have you been finding this week? check out Shophie's to see some more.


  1. Haven't you been a busy op shopper. I would love to see Rosa in some sweet dresses with those lovely doilies and i would love to see Lulu in them after RoRo has outgrown them:)Love all the milk glass you've been collecting.

  2. serious milk glass radaring going on!...
    i like how you envisage alterations and stuff, will stop by to have a peek at the results later?!
    and i agree, i was so lucky with my alice... fieuuuw.

  3. oh those Doilies are beautiful.. collars? wow that is different.

  4. I love the vintage tea towels, can't wait to see the handmade clutch purses. I'm sure they'll be lovely. I also like the lovely linens with the beautiful needle work on them. Great finds!

  5. am i right or does that milk glass have nipples! maybe this is on my mind...

  6. Such beautiful doilies, and absolutely not enough milk glass in the world. It's so hard to find in good knick and yours looks lovely.
    My Flea Market Find

  7. Ooooh loving your finds this week! How cool is that ice bucket! Love the gorgeous colour!

  8. Great finds, especially like the milk glass and tea towels!