Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fast Cars quilt

These Heather Ross cars were the starting point for this little boy quilt. Such divine fabric and so easy to match with some colour co-ordinating Honeycomb Kei, Amy Butler dots and Castle Peeps in the orange and blue. This is my first quilt using linen and I love how it blends with the other fabrics.

I used the split 9 patch method as seen over here and here. However I did add a few more squares, making it quite a large cot quilt. I guess it can always be used on the floor.

I hope our Friends love it and I'm sure baby Kai will love the cars when he gets a little older.


  1. Love the colours you have chosen - beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous...lately I have been obsessed with quilts!

  3. That looks so lovely! :) I just starting to tackle quilting! Hopefully its not that hard :) Great job! I also saw your hexagon craft! Totally awesome! :)

  4. I love this quilt....I've been inspired by all the gorgeous things you make and I'm going to try and make one for a friend who just had a little boy.

    The book on my pot cupboard is "Prints Charming" by Cath Derksema & Kirsten Junor, it's beautiful and inspirational....I love it!

  5. your quilts are amazing!
    I am in sydney too, and keen to try my hand at sewing a quilt, but the whole 'quilting' part scares the pants off me. can i ask where you send yours?

  6. Peta, I can't contact you through email and I am so sorry I have forgotten about you. Most of my quilts I take to Killara Village quilts, I use Trena and she only takes a couple of weeks. I also know of one north west and in the Shire area, let me know where you live and I can give you some details.....thanks for message too.