Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hand Stitching

A little hand stitching has been keeping me busy at the moment. I have a large quilt top finished, one cut and ready to be sewn after waiting patiently for a couple of particular fabrics.
Hand sewing on the lounge at night is sometimes all I can find the time to least that's something!!
Here are a couple of hexagons for my soon to be God Daughter Lucia. I find these quite therapeutic, fiddly but fairly quick and instant results. The bit I hate the most is cutting that god awful double sided iron on stuff. Not sticking the iron to the iron board is a real challenge.

And here, a couple of embroidered heart motifs from Prints Charming. Very lolly like don't you think?


  1. Ooooh I really like the embroidered hearts you did, very pretty colours.:)

  2. Love the t-shirts - worth all the fiddlyness for such a great result.

  3. Those hexagons look fantastic Karlyn... and I just love those embroidered hearts!!! Gorgeous!

    Sheree xx