Monday, May 21, 2012

Flea Market Finds

Not much op shopping going on here of late, I did find this milk glass stand to match another smaller one I have. I must photograph all of my milk glass collection,  the white pieces look great clustered together.

A large Raynham vase in the perfect shade of grey and not a chip in sight.

And I couldn't not show you these, a gift from the lovely Kylie. I have already decided that the two square doilies will make perfect pockets on a top for Rosa. 

Hope you have been having more thrifting luck than me. Linking up with Sophie.


  1. Ohh lovely milkglass, would love to see your collection.
    And beautiful gifted doilies would make lovely pockets. x

  2. Quality not quantity I think Karlyn, a couple of beautiful items are better than lots of shabby bits and pieces. I've got a few things on my latest post but they've been found over quite some time really.

  3. My mum has a huge collection of vases like that, she's trying to get rid of them as we have no where to put them! Those doilies are going to make some precious pockets. xx

  4. The milk glass stand is very pretty. You found a treasure there.

  5. Love that vase, such a gorgeous shape. And the milk glass is one I haven't seen before either- I have the same pattern in a small bowl. mine are all together on a buffet and I love all the different shapes together. melx