Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Boys Den

Apart from my new kitchen the boys room is my favourite room in the house. I don't know why....

Maybe it's the funky new lego storage sourced by my lovely friend Vic. You are too kind!

Or the $10 Vinnies desk (which I have seen in a sydney auction house for $320....ouch!). 

The colourful array of favourite books seem to match their hand made quilts perfectly. 

The bubble gum machine came from the husbands previous life and is filled with marbles that were gifted to the boys. 

Let's not forget the bed, one of my biggest furniture splurges to date, I still can't believe I managed to convince the husband that quality really does outweigh the expensive price tag. 

The addition of a fabulous new light fitting is all it needs and we are done.............for now anyway. 

What's your favourite room in the house?


  1. Such a beautiful room, I can see why it's one of your favourites. Love the pressed tin ceilings and the map bunting. x

  2. That is one amazing room. We will eventually be putting our two youngest boys together and I am already dreaming up ways to decorate it.
    Our room is probably my favourite, it's our little sanctuary :)

  3. I love your boys bed. It's a gorgeous piece of furniture Karlyn. I can't believe those little desks are selling for over three hundred bucks! Wow! I've got one too, a fiver from an oppie!

  4. What a fun and cool room! I see why you love it. x

  5. I love your boys' bed too and the quilts and the sign on th chest of drawers. The desk is wonderful.

  6. What a great room! Love the shelving and the desk is wonderful - we had a similar one when I was growing up. Your bunting goes really well with it. My favourite room here at the moment would have to be Grace's :)

  7. Great space! Love the bunting and the vintage display shelf! My fav room is our kitchen...so much happens there.

  8. What a cool room. Love that lego storage in particular!melx

  9. Love their bunk and quilts. My sister has exactly the same bunk. My favourite room in our house is my girls' room - full of colour and childish softness:)

  10. It's a gorgeous room, I want to sort out my boys' rooms but there seems to be just too much non pretty stuff and nowhere to put it. They do have a similar lego man storage though - essential!

    Do you have a big cupboard where the less attractive toys get hidden??