Monday, February 6, 2012

The Lesson

After a long line of wet days this summer the sun finally showed it's face. Paul had been promising the little man that he would teach him to surf all summer. He is small for a 6 year old and is made of nothing but muscle and determination, his low centre of gravity certainly came in handy for him getting up on the first go. (sadly I missed that photo) 

We went to Freshwater, Harbord (along with every other Sydney sider). I can see where this family friendly beach gets it's name from, the water is sparking clear and the waves are gentle and just the right size. When I saw him stand for the first time my heart skipped a beat, he looked for mummy with the camera eager to see the thumbs up. 

 Surfing is something really close to Paul's heart and I just knew when we had boys that he wouldn't be able to wait to teach them the sport that he himself loved as a kid.  Of course it's not just for the boys, I know Rosa will be itching to learn next year as well. Paul is an excellent teacher and it was the best first lesson ever, they both came out of the water pumped and proud.

I am so proud of this little man of ours and I can't wait to get back there this week end to give it another crack.

I hope your week end was as sunny and happy as ours.

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  1. Fabulous pics Marls, we always knew the pocket rocket would be a good surfer! I saw you pulling out of your street for Freshwater while we were pulling out for Bondi, where the other half of Sydney was. Fabulous beach day regardless of crowd though. I haven't entered the giveaway, but could I possibly commission a rainbow coloured version of the skirt for Nevie to wear to her party? Too cute!

  2. Oh way to go Harvey. Clever boy! Great pics too...and how about you, you bold thing sneaking shots of the guy in the budgie smugglers;)

  3. What fun!! It must have been great watching them too. That last photo is gorgeous :)

    P.S Thanks for your comment on my blog tonight, I read it but it accidentally disappeared when i clicked on something by accident.

  4. Lovely photos, particularly the last one. My kiddies are loving surfing this summer. My ten yr old surfs for hours on end, I don't know where she gets the energy.

  5. My six-year-old would be so jealous! Sounds like he did great!