Monday, February 20, 2012

Flea Market Finds

A Few finds of the wooden kind this week, loving my little trolly, it houses all kinds of things like school bags, notes, mail, keys and pencils. The husband seems to think the bottom shelf is a good spot for his beer....I think not!   planning on painting it white or bright yellow and attaching some new modern castor wheels.

I found this lamp base for $30 and a plain shade a week later for $5. I am just playing with fabric at the moment, attaching it with a peg to see what suits. I'm liking the yellow pods from Cloth but a black,yellow or green chevron would be the perfect addition for this room I think.

And this, oh so pretty cross stitch.  It was hiding behind a few frames, you know the ones that sometimes you can't even be bother to peek behind? it was closing time and the guy was calling out to all shoppers, I had to make a hasty decision. At $20 it was not cheap but how could I not bring it home with me? The more I look at it the more I love it and now I'm asking myself the question 

"Is it corny to have Christmas on your walls all year round"? 

 I think if I keep it in my craft room then that's ok....yes?

As always, linking up with the lovely Sophie.


  1. Lovely finds Karlyn.
    The trolley is a great addition, and would suit any room.

  2. can't wait to see the trolley made over!

  3. Awesome trolley! Can't wait to see it painted. I'm on the hunt for a lamp base at the moment too, a table lamp one for Sophie's nursery that I can paint a pretty colour. I think a green chevron fabric would look great on yours. The cross-stitch is too and I think is well suited to a craft room no matter the season. Enjoy your week Karlyn! x

  4. That cross stitch is magic! I'd definately want to see that Christmassy loveliness all year round. Great find on the lamp base. Wishing you a gorgeous week :) x

  5. the little trolley is so darling. love it!

  6. That cross stitch is just sweet!!

  7. love the trolley and white or yellow would be fab! Great find with the lamp and shade. I think the yellow pods tie in nicely with the other botanical but a green would be nice to pick up the green in your gorgeous painting. :)

  8. Would you believe I have been scouring for a trolley to paint as well? Well done on yours , has great legs. the embroidery is gorgeous and definitely an all year round item I think. melx ps love your kids art work, is that a Rosa masterpiece? the girl with the spotted dress.