Wednesday, December 21, 2011

tea towels, holly and special friends.

One of my loveliest friends dropped in yesterday, I few weeks back I gave her this thrifted Irish linen tea towel  rolled up in a Fowler jar, she kept the jar and handed the tea towel back to me saying that it was way too nice to dry dishes a pillow it was to become, the green zip is in the spirit of Christmas and the orange backing was fabric I had on hand.

And look what the naughty girl gave me, I swear she never visits empty handed. The cutest Holly bush with bright red faux berries. I hear it's very hard to find budding holly in the southern hemisphere at Christmas.

Another special friend dropped in just when I popped the kettle on. She gifted me a magnificent stack of this. I'm only sorry I didn't take a pic before we ripped the cellophane off and devoured it with our cuppa tea. You really need to make these brownies, divine I tell you.

Thanks girls xxx


  1. Totally agree about the teatowel cushion, it looks fantastic, what a great combination of colours and the pattern looks brilliant in a square design. Great job. Never seen really holly before you lucky duck. melx

  2. And the proud owner of that cushion is leaning on it as I do some blog surfing, it brightens up our lounge so much, I just love it! And as a witness with both eyes and mouth those brownies are the best I have ever tasted, and let me tell you I have eaten a few in my time. I bought raspberries today to make some for christmas and your right you should have got a shot of the presentation before you/we scoffed into them.

  3. The cushion is beautiful. Love the colours and gorgeous pattern..are you giving it back to Vicky or keeping it? I don't think I've ever seen real Holly either. Lovely.

  4. Yes, of course I gave it back to Vicky.