Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bed time shenanigans

So the boys share a room which usually works really well.  Harvey always goes to bed at 730 with Charlie trailing behind him by at least half an hour. Tonight Harv decided he'd secretly wait up, he was in a very happy mood and did not want to go to sleep without his big brother.  By 930 the chatting and giggling got louder and louder and the threats of the hall light being turned off went through one ear and out the other. When I decided to stomp up the hall and growl at them both I discovered this........

I had to hide the smirk on my somewhat cranky face and go grab the camera. 

I shared a room as a kid and mostly loved it, we hummed songs and played guessing games, played music quietly and did all we could to not go to sleep but we were never THIS crafty......

What do your kids do to fight the sleep?

Here's to two tired and cranky boys tomorrow!


  1. That is an absolute cracker and such a boy thing to do. Thanks for sharing, melx

  2. say they're hungry, need a drink, scared, can't sleep, want the light on, toilet, toilet know all the usual. Lovely post Marleen! Those funny Jackson boys. Lovely to see you last weekend:)

  3. Is that what you call a boys Bunting? Very cool and very crafty lol all my lot do is fight and argue after giggling and jumping around then they get the threats then they finally go to sleep.Hope your boys arent too cranky xx

  4. TOY BUNTING - now theres an idea ! got their mums arty genes for sure.