Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Charlie Boy

My gorgeous first born turned 8 today, I seriously cannot believe it has been 8 years since we bought this beautiful boy of ours into the world.

Here he is (left) after a fabulous Sunday at Luna Park with his best friend Luke and Rosa and Harvey. He and Paul took a train into the city in the morning to pick a special present at the hobby shop and ended the day eating ice cream and playing with his new electric train set.

Happy Birthday my special boy, Have fun being 8!


  1. Donnt they grow fast was my 3rd grandaughters (she is 4th grandchid)5th bthday today too cant believe my kids have grown so fast let alone my own grandkids.
    Can you also send me your address?Slowly getting your swap things together lots of ideas buzzing lol

  2. Happy Birthday to your big boy.
    Looks like he had a fantastic day!!

  3. Happy birthday to little man, mine is coming up to 11 months old and I cant believe how quickly that has gone. I love luna park! Many a fun afternoon had at the one in Sydney on my backpacking adventures. Scarlett x

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Charlie boy! 8 years since you called from the delivery suite with exciting news Marls, how time flies. Love the shot of him and Luke! Will hopefully catch Charlie over the weekend to give him our present. Love Kye

  5. Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy!! He looks so much like you Karlyn, such a nice looking boy. You have the cutest looking family :) Hope your weekend is a wonderful one x

  6. Happy 8th birthday to you big boy:) It's amazing how quickly they grow right before you eyes isn't it. It sounds like he had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday, there's lots of fun happening in these photos. xo