Sunday, May 1, 2011

Country Op Shops

What is it about country op shops? I managed to get to three in Wagga over the Easter break and they certainly did not disappoint . Apart from this gorgeous colourful Afghan I found in a Sydney Vinnie's for $15 everything else and more was found on my little jaunt in Wagga.  

 My eyes seriously popped when I spotted this little number and I just love it in my little corner of the lounge. Perfect for these chilly nights.

A little turned wooden pedestal platter. Those pears are normal size so the platter is quite small. I really love it. $2

A cute glass vase for my mounting collection of favourite things on my mantle. 50c 

Some sweet linens to chop up for a quilt which has been on the cards for some time. If I stopped using them for their intended purpose I might have enough by now. 

I adore this little tapestry, it was only $4 and was with another more boyish one, I so wish I had bought it too. I sent mum back a few days later and it had gone.  Rosa's is the next room to be painted white so when I'm done she will have a wall full of beautiful things.

This Pyrex coffee percolator came without it's middle but to tell you the truth I didn't even know it was for coffee, the handle is even made of Pyrex and I think it will make the best cold drinks jug. Later I saw them selling on ebay for up to $50, pretty chuffed mine only cost $2. Also some sweet English crockery. I love the black one and it was only $2 for the set.  The pretty bone china ones were $3 each and in beautiful condition.

I always have lots of fun in the country oppies, mainly because I shop with my mum and brother and sisters, so much more fun when you can share your finds with someone else. The people are always friendly and the prices are so so good.   For more Thrifty finds head over to Sophie's.


  1. What a great collection of goodies. Love them all, especially the teacups, very cute.

  2. You found some beautiful treasures on your holidays Karlyn. Your vase looks really pretty and I really like that wooden bowl too. xo

  3. What great finds....I would have found myself purchasing a lot of the same things :)

  4. OH I love the little glass vase (and your Mum's? wedding photo)♥

  5. Regional op shops are just the best aren't they? I'm trying to work out where I can plan a weekend trip and sneak in some op shops without hubby suspecting what I am up to.
    Great finds, love the wooden bowls, especially with pears as a feature. Also, i'm not usually a tapestry fan but that one is quite lovely and I can't wait to see it in your daughters room.
    Ongoing white issues at Betsy's, I'm not happy with the natural white, considering either half strength like you or just plain vivid white. Wish it all didn't take so long to get done as I am so impatient. Mel xx

  6. the funny thing is, i'm into wood these days... i have to refrain myself, i'm telling you, because i'm slipping into wood overload, but it is, i like to think, a 'versatile' material. ahem.
    the tapestry = envy!
    ps - i'm loving the granny on your settee too!

  7. thanks Lyndel, the photo is of my Nan and Pop, one of my favourite treasures.

  8. What a lovely collection of treasures! I especially like the turned wooden pedestal platter. I also love the crocheted afghan and the pillow with the bird on it. Lovely finds! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Lovely sheets! and I am such a sucker for tea cups!

  10. Lots and lots of op shop goodness going on at your place :)

  11. Delightful treasures! Loving the glass bottle/vase and those bone china cups are heavenly! Enjoy!

  12. What great finds - love the wooden platter and that top linen is so pretty!!

  13. You did well on your thrifting trip! I especially like the wooden pedestal; it is great! What a great idea to use the vintage Pyrex coffee pot for cold drinks! The teacups are so pretty. Lovely things.