Monday, February 21, 2011

Sea Urchin or Flea Market Find ?

A little op shopping was done over the week end while my mum and sister visited, while I didn't find anything of great beauty my mum certainly did............... another piece of pretty milk glass to add to my very new collection.

It reminds me of something from the sea!

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  1. Oh I love milk glass! What a very pretty find. It just needs a whole heap of lindt balls to fill it up I think ;)
    Wishing you a wonderful week :) x

  2. Love love love that ! this will sound silly but how white is that white!

  3. That is very cute - definitely a sea urchin. Would maybe look nice in a bathroom with wrapped guest soaps in it.

  4. oh, but that's fabulous though. it looks indeed like a little something walking out of the waves, almost... (the last picture)
    i've loved your suburb/superb lapsus, btw. i think it was so cute...

  5. What a beautiful find, your mum's collection of milk glass must look amazing!

  6. Beautiful find, love milk glass.