Friday, December 10, 2010

Hexies, Bows and Pencil Rolls

I've been decorating a few tops of late. These are all birthday gifts. I still have not started my Christmas sewing. Hubby is out tonight, bottle of wine in the fridge....maybe I'll make a start.

As I sit in my back room typing this looking out to my very green back yard I can hear a harmonica and a man singing from a back yard down below. It's the nicest sound and has suddenly made me feel so relaxed and's the simple things!

Have a lovely week end everyone!


  1. Cute, cute and cute!

    Enjoy that bottle of vino x

  2. Pencil roll gratefully received! Master particular ensures they all go back in their right slot?? Love the cute girls t-shirts too, cant wait for your boys range! xo