Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vintage Skirt and more Vinnies fabric

sI used a really basic pattern for this skirt, high waist band and big pockets. I actually made this last school holidays and have only just taken a photo of it. The fabric was one of my vintage finds. The colours are so vibrant which is good for me because I've been told I need to wear more colour.Typical of me to put beige, black and white with it though.

Not the best photograph but I was stoked to pick up a few metres of this Michael Miller fabric at Vinnies on Sunday while out op shopping with my little sister. I'm thinking summer pajamas with red trim for Rosa or actually, pj pants for me....even better!

I also found this gorgeous batik piece for only a few dollars. Have a look at this sweet blog. I stumbled across it last week and fell in love with the sweet kids the possibilities are endless for this piece of yumminess....(is that a word?)


  1. Your skirt is gorgeous and looks great with leggings for winter. Will be lovely on its own for summer too. Gorgeous fabrics too. Hope you have a super weekend :)

  2. I really love your skirt Karlyn - exactly the type of thing I'd wear and I'd team it with similar neutral colours too :) Where did you get your cute shoes from? I'm after a pair of something similar at the moment...

  3. I love that skirt! Where did you find the pattern?

  4. I'm loving the cute fabric you used on your new skirt!

    I just had a look around your blog and the quilts you've been making are have totally inspired me to make some more!