Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flirty Florence

She asked for it and she got it! .......the brief was:
"an old fashioned , pretty apron made from all pre loved fabrics". Three out of the four fabrics were vintage finds off ebay and the button was pre loved. This was my favourite hand made gift this year, I really loved making it and took particular care getting it just right. My beautiful sister Claire loved it which is the main thing. I'm sure she can't wait to wipe her greasy hands all over it! It's an
Audrey and Maude pattern " Flirty Florence"

I'm still in major holiday mode, we have had a couple of lovely weeks in Wagga with family and friends, four fabulous days over New Year in Sydney minus 3 children (thank's ma) and a few great beach days in Sydney with the kids. We are off to New Zealand tomorrow to see Paul's family for 10 days and some yummy wine days in Napier with my cousin Katie....can't wait.
Have lots of new projects on my mind and am soooooo late getting my December Beehive underway....ooops! February will be a busy month.
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy New Year Karlyn! I love the apron that you made, they colours and fabrics are so very pretty I'm sure your sister must love it. Have fun on your holiday.:)

  2. Gorgeous apron Karlyn! Your sister must be over the moon!

    Sheree xx

  3. wow- what a beautiful apron! love those fabrics!!

  4. A stunning apron, I bet it was well received!

    Have a great trip to NZ...I know a Katie from Napier...surely not the same?!?

  5. I'd be thrilled wiping my greasy mits on that divine apron! Your sister is a lucky lady. Bec x

  6. What a gorgeous apron and such a lovely gift for your sister - I love the fabrics you've used. I have that pattern too but am yet to actually make something from it :)

  7. beautiful work mooks! loving my jimjams too-maybe you want me to model them for your blog eh?? great chatting with you last night, can't wait to see you soon.