Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas - Done and Dusted

sWell Christmas is well and truly over for another year. I might as well show you what I was making in the lead up. I'd love to show you what I have been creating in the last month but that would be zero. Here are a couple more clutches for my big sis and niece.

Some Amy Butler Jama pants for my little sis Claire

and some for my big sis Ade....

and some for my BF Lea .......

Well there you go. I think if I start my sewing prior to the 20th of Dec this year I might get a whole lot more achieved. At least they were all well received and my depleting stash can once again be topped up which of course is the best part.

Finally, this pic is one of my favourites. I usually make our Christmas cake a week before Christmas and take it home to Wagga for mum to ice (I find that dreaded fondant so sticky and hard to handle). Mum, Charlie and my niece Ellie surprised me with this beauty. Charlie had collected the unripe lemons from a friend's place the night before and for some reason just had to put faces on them. Unbeknown to me they stole my stash of
gift tags and went ahead with their creation.......ta da!

L to R - Charlie, Mummy, Rosa, Daddy and Harvey


  1. by hook or by crook! i love my jammies. i think you are so very clever. i cant believe you didnt want me to model them tho. love the cake i didnt realise they decorated a real cake. very cute!

  2. Love the PJs! You can never go wrong w/ Amy Butler fabric.

    BTW-What a cute story for the cake!

  3. Love the PJ pants - such lovely fabrics. What a great gift.

  4. So pleased to have you back Karlyn- I love all your handmade goodies, but the cake takes the.. well.. cake!! Bec x