Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Rosebud

Today was a very special day. Our little girl turned two. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! you bring so much fun and joy to our family, we love you so, so much.

She had a lovely party with close friends, thank you all for the lovely gifts, Rosa is one very lucky girl.

Rosa squealed when she saw her cake this morning, it was worth all the hours Paul and I put into making it.

The little cradle we gave her, she just loved it and especially loved her quilt to wrap her dollies in. Made from from last weeks Sunday Stash.


  1. Happy Birthday little Rosa! She looks incredibly pleased with her jaw is still on the floor after clapping eyes on that cake!

  2. ohhh bless her sweet little face. Marly the binding on the quilt is gorgeous! I love it! It just pops. any news on the camera?

  3. Happy birthday Rosa!! That cake puts me thoroughly to shame, it is amazing. Pleased she liked her dolly quilt, and she loloks beautiful in her dress and wings. Bec x