Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hexagon Mad

At my Wednesday night class at Prints Charming I learnt how to sew these little hexagons. Great way to use up quilting scraps. I Can't quite see myself making a whole quilt with them, but sewed one on this little top for Rosa.


  1. Very sweet little girl AND the top! Did you hand or machine applique onto the top?

  2. Hi Karlyn,

    Good on you for starting your blog! I am so pleased I can see those hexagons before Wednesday, how gorgeous. Am imterested to know how that hexagon was stitched onto the tshirt.

    Bec x

  3. Hello, I'm a bloggy friend of Lea's so I just clicked over from there! What a beautiful quilt for Lucia. I love the top you made for your daughter too! Reminds me of my Grandma's hexagonal patchwork quilts.

  4. Great idea to sew the hexagons onto a top. It looks so cute!

    Sheree xx