Monday, September 26, 2011

Flea Market Finds

It's been ages since I've played along with Sophie's flea market finds. I've had a real dry spell in my thrifting lately and feel like I'm just coming out of it. Some of my favourites from the past week....

Loving these vintage fabrics especially the butterflies (thanks Sis)

Some old bed sheets perfect for my quilts

I looooove this white planter/vase thingy, it's really old and a bit crazed on the inside but not a chip or scratch, I didn't even baulk at the $15 price tag. I have the perfect window sill in mind. 

I picked up the crochet blanket in Wagga ages ago, had mum patch up a few holes and now it's a good as new, I've washed it three times and am slowly managing to rid it of the moth ball smell. How great are those colours together?

Another favourite for the week is this little red sugar bowl, German made and super shiny and cute. Also another plate for my wall and round table cloth.

And finally a tiny china tea set my mum gave Rosa for her birthday, she loves it and we have already had a few tea parties. There are 5 cups in total.


  1. That fabric and those sheets are gorgeous! That tiny tea set is the cutest.

    E :)

  2. Love your finds. Your planter is so similar to a vase that I had in one of my pics last week. I think I paid about the same too. My mother in law has a very similar tea set that she brought over from Italy.

  3. I love the butterfly fabric too, those colours! I have a set of the exact same yellow flower sheets, also thrifted, they're so cheery aren't they!

  4. Well done! Especially love the butterfly fabric too

  5. Sweet tiny teaset - how lovely for Rosa to have a 'proper' grown up one.

  6. Ooh that tea set is just adorable!!
    Such gorgeous finds :)

  7. Wow...loving all your finds Karlyn! Especially those fabrics and super cute sugar bowl!

    Sheree xx

  8. Hi Karlyn, thank you for commenting on my blog. So glad you did cos now I've found you and your fabulous blog. Love your finds, especially the fabrics and the old sheets. Adore your springtime quilt in a previous post. If I was on pinterest I'd definitely be pinning that! I'm collecting fabric and sheets too - to make a duvet, I think, rather than a quilt (my sewing skills are virtually nil!).

    I love the idea of collecting plates for a wall feature. I did that some time ago but didn't have very many and so my attempted wall feature didn't look particularly great.


  9. Love all those fabrics, especially the red ones. And the planter is lovely too. melx

  10. I have that planter/vase in a pearlescent pale blue! My grandmother used it for floral art back in the day.

    That's some great fabric finds.

  11. I live in Sydney too. I gave away that exact white and gold tea set back in early septemeber. Same amount of pieces too. Wonder if it's my old one. Well my husbands grandmothers old one. I never used it so gave it away after many years of just housing it. Never thought about my daughter using it. Good work.

  12. Sorry mine had six cups. Still freaky to see it being used in that way.