Monday, May 23, 2011

What the?

So I walked into Charlie's room on the week end to put some clothes away when I immediately spotted this.......

I mean I know kids do strange things at times but a ball of bubbles on the dresser.....come on!
It was like he had just taken a toy from the toy box, had a little play then put in down when he had to get dressed for Rugby.  I called him in to say "what's the go"? and he simply scooped it up and said "huh, forgot about that" and walked out to keep on playing with it.  

Note to self: empty the sink when washing up is complete.


  1. That's really funny, little people are like to hold onto interesting things sometimes:) xo

  2. Thats really funny .. it looks like a ghost sitting there !

  3. yep funny. great little post. i always like to read about the kids as well.

  4. hee hee. i'm pretty taken in by the massive number of dahl books! excellent taste!

  5. lol - this made me chuckle! Ive got all that to look forward to, so far my 10 month old is trying to destroy the dvd player. Scarlett x